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You could say we’re anonymous, nameless or even foreigners. But we’d rather say, we’re Mister Unknown!!

At Mister Unknown we believe in multiple ways of seeing the world. We don’t care for complex shit or snobbish artists. We look only for quality and believe that design doesn’t have to be overcomplicated because we not only see beauty on street tags and bold graffitis but also on intrinsic pieces of paper and digital communication. If you believe design is all around us, know you’re not alone.

Come over. Step inside.

See the world through Mister Unknown.

But who is Mister Unknown really?

This is a graphic design studio, focused on branding and communication systems, as well as video and animation. We don’t believe a size fits all, so we’re all about strategic development and making sure we deliver the best possible outcome for each of our clients.

So if you’re looking for a tailored, customised solution, drop Mister Unknown a message.

Areas of Activity

Art Direction
Communication Consultancy
Editorial Design (Print & Digital)
Visual Identity

Space Planning
Motion Graphics
Talks & Workshops